RS by Robin Söderling

RS Lyon reel

$219 $249.95

A premium soft monofilament string with round profile - "NEWCOMER OF THE YEAR 2015" by

This string gives you great control effects and enables you to use full power with kept control. The RS Lyon has great durability, tons of feel and nice to your body.

Since the control is superior, we recommend you to decrease your string tension with 3-5 lbs. That will also have a less strain impact on arms and shoulders. RS Lyons is one of the best soft co-poly strings on the market according to play testers. Click to watch the Tennis Warehouse VLOG about RS Lyon here:


Dimension: 1,20 or 1,25 mm Length: 740 feet/220m Color: Silver. RS always recommend 1,20 mm for young juniors and older senior players due to its kindness to your body


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