Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps Strength Swim Paddle


The MP Strength Swim Paddles are a high-performance resistance tool that build your strength and add resistance to your stroke. Uniquely designed to mimic the shape of your hand, with raised palm supports to keep your hands in a natural swimming position and vents/holes throughout to give you a natural feel for the water. Designed in collaboration with Michael Phelps and Coach Bob Bowman. The Strength Swim Paddle forces you to push down with your fingertips to get into a proper pulling position in the front part of your stroke to encourage correct technique.



Natural Shape

The Strength Swim Paddles unique design mimics the bone structure of your hand to give you a natural pulling motion.



Palm Supports & Vents

A raised contour under your palm keeps your hand in a natural swimming position whilst vents maintain your feel for the water.




The size of the hand paddles create good resistance whilst the unique design allows you to move closer to a racing speed.


Ergonomic Straps

Wrist strap and finger loop are fully adjustable, streamlined and made from durable Thermo Plastic Rubber for longevity.

Aqua_Lung-Hand_Width.png Palm Width Distance across the palm just above the thumb. Aqua_Lung-Hand_Length.png Hand Length Distance from bottom of palm to finger tips.


Width Length Small 7.5cm 21cm Medium 8cm+ 23cm Large 10cm+ 25.5cm


Width Length Small 10cm 21cm Medium 10cm+ 23cm

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