Yonex Ezone 98α (Alpha) Tennis Racquet


Series Overview
\nEnhanced ISOMETRIC sweet spot. Unmatched comfort. Engineered for unstoppable play.
\nPower up your game with the new EZONE. A further enhanced ISOMETRIC sweet spot extends deep into the upper section of the racquet resulting in the largest sweet spot in the EZONE series. New HYPER-MG technology dramatically enhances snapback speed for explosive power even on difficult off-center shots and our newly designed MICRO OFFSET LAYOUT and QUAKE SHUT GEL AIR minimizes vibration and provides unmatched comfort.
\n[Micro Offset Layout]
\n[Quake Shut Gel Air]
\nProduct Technology
\nDeveloped over 30 years ago, the ISOMETRIC design increases the sweet spot by 7%. Compared to a conventional round frame, a square-shaped ISOMETRIC racquet generates a larger sweet spot by optimizing intersecting main and cross strings.
\nYonex has improved the ISOMETRIC technology further by expanding the four corners of the new EZONE for longer main and cross strings in the upper frame, resulting in the largest sweet spot in the EZONE series history.
\nMicro Offset Layout
\n[Micro Offset Layout Image]
\nPrecise engineering of grommets holes provides straighter alignment of main and cross strings for more power. Greater string contact within the grommet reduces and absorbs harsh vibrations from impact for unmatched comfort.
\nAero Shape
\nSmoother contours throughout the racquet head for less wind resistance and extra racquet speed.
\nShockless Grommet System
\nYONEX integrates Shockless Grommets at the side and bottom of the frame to minimize muscle fatigue during long matches. Provides a soft feel at impact plus the ability to protect the wrist, forearm and elbow by absorbing shock.
\n[Shockless Grommets Image]
\nDual Shut System
\nDUAL SHUT SYSTEM improves comfort and control with every stroke. Shockless Grommets at the bottom of the frame reduces impact vibration and Quake Shut Gel, which is embedded inside the grip, removes even the most subtle discomfort from the frame. A 50% reduction in vibration compared to conventional models.
\n[Shockless Grommets/Quake Shut Gel Image]
\n[OPS Image]
\nYONEX O.P.S. (Oval Pressed Shaft) manufacturing technology builds the ideal amount of shaft flex at impact into the racquet, extending dwell time for enhanced ball spin and directional control.
\nHYPER-MG: Explosive Power
\nEmbedded within the inner portion of the upper frame, HYPER-MG (Hyper Modulus Graphite) material dramatically enhances frame snapback speed, increasing repulsion power and ball speed. Upper frame flexural strength is increased by 5%.
\n[Upper Frame Snapback]

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